Andrà Tutto Bene

You know how they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?’ Well, I think that’s a pretty good way to sum up 2018. It hasn’t been all that great. Lots of really sad and really horrible things have happened. Honestly, I was going to list a few but it just makes me want to … More Andrà Tutto Bene

Whitsunday Dreaming

There’s always something so therapeutic about travel. Those of you who read my last post about mindfulness know it’s certainly something I struggle with, as do most. The beauty of exploring a new place is the ease with which we begin living in the moment. This last couple of months have been the hardest I’ve … More Whitsunday Dreaming

Who Are You?

My darlings. I'm starting this post having just rewatched the first ever episode of a show I feel I've grown up with, Catfish. For anyone unfamiliar with concept, Catfish features two amazing men, Nev and Max, who help people who have started relationships online with people they have never met. Spoiler alert, more often than … More Who Are You?

A Living Project

This week three things happened; the only three things that didn’t involve copious alcohol on my part. 1. I watched the Graceland Happiness Project on the plane to Brisbane. I have been wanting to watch this SBS doco ever since I first heard about it. but being such a Netflix junkie and with no illegal … More A Living Project

Living in Limbo

Being home these last two weeks has been thoroughly bizarre. It’s such a stark contrast to how it was when I came home for a week at the end of February. At that time my Nan was here, I was incredibly home sick and just needed a bit of a break. I breathed in the … More Living in Limbo