Bombshells: finding your own style

This post is going to appeal to the fashion interested among my friends list. Sorry to those who don’t fit that category but I think there’s a lot to be said for just being happy in yourself in here too 🙂



I’ve always had a fascination with the glamour of the 1950s. The women were groomed to perfection, the photographs were raw but artistic. It took real natural talent and beauty to make it back then.

There are so many gorgeous women that I admire from that era. Of course I’ve spent hours watching every bio and documentary I could (being the history freak I am) and I realise that it definitely wasn’t as glittery and perfect as it appeared. In fact two of my favourite starlets attempted (one succeeded) suicide as the pressure of the it was just too much to bare. That’s pretty incomprehensible.


The thing I love most about it though was the total confidence the women carried themselves with. They were sure of themselves and looked damn good while at it. Bettie was a perfect example of this.

I had an epiphany one day as I sat moping watching another doco about her; there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from being like these women. They were born in a different time but the way they dress and the decorum they held is very much something you can emulate today. You’re in Brisbane, people here don’t look twice if you walk down the street with bright green hair or forget your pants. You are free to be who you want, and even then, who cares if people judge you?


A little shopping spree at my favourite local revival store, Trash Monkey, helped me start what is now my beautiful collection of vintage inspired dressed, skirts and neck lines. I feel so comfortable every time I leave the house with my curled hair sprayed in to place and my layers of makeup powdered and blended to perfection. It’s like getting dressed is an art form now; complete and total self expression.


The waistlines are built to flatter someone with small waist and big hips like mine. I’ve always felt so uncomfortable in most modern trends I’ve tried to follow. You guys know I’ve always loved my fashion, but now I’ve found a look that’s timeless and it just feels me.

Why do I keep wearing shorts when I hate the way they ride up or baggy tops that do nothing for me? Why do we all do this? I think finding a style that suits you is the hardest but best thing you spend your 20s doing. It’s so wonderful when you finally find it.


Here’s a note to my gorgeous friends who find themselves struggling in to something that they don’t even like that much, purely because Gwyneth wore it the other week: don’t do it. It’s not you.


My best tip: find a blogger with a build similar to yours. They are out there! I realised Tash Oakley, my favourite blogger, has a similar shape to mine (albeit a hell of a lot more toned) and so I started looking at the types of clothes she wears: lots of beautiful long wrap dresses and skirts. She doesn’t follow trends, she wears things that flatter her.  Guess what? They flatter me too!

Its so important to find things you feel good in. I want everyone to stop caring about trends and just dress for themselves. Honestly who gives a shit if some loser on the street has something to say about it? They obviously just want your attention and they aren’t going to get it, because you feel good in yourself. No one else matters.


Moral of the story:

Find your own style. You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you start dressing for you. Most of us aren’t built like models, so those clothes are best left for those who are. Find an era or person you want to emulate and find love for fashion again! Shopping is not a chore and looking good is the best feeling in the world. Do it for you, no one else’s opinion matters in the slightest.

lots of love

Harleigh Q


P.S. The bombshells featured from top to bottom are: Brigitte Bardot (QUEEN), Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Grace Kelly, Natasha Oakley and Sofia Loren. I highly recommend looking them up. They all have such incredible stories to tell.