Andrà Tutto Bene

You know how they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?’ Well, I think that’s a pretty good way to sum up 2018.

It hasn’t been all that great. Lots of really sad and really horrible things have happened.

Honestly, I was going to list a few but it just makes me want to cry, and I don’t want to make you guys cry either. So instead, let me delve in to the reason I am writing this post:


I have so much hope. This year I got better aquatinted with the teenagers of this time and I was met with a group of people raised in the social media world. I have discovered that rather than revel in anonymous cruelty like many of the millennials before them, they have for the most part chosen to be a bunch of really, genuinely nice people. They write cute, encouraging comments on each other’s posts. This bask in a world of acceptance, marriage equality and love. A lot of them aren’t drinking like we did. Some of them are living in places where marijuana is legal.

It’s a different place to where we found ourselves 10+ years ago. In that place everything was new and scary, strangers were cruel and dangerous. Hurt people hid behind anonymity to spread ugliness. It wasn’t okay to be different. Fit in or fuck off, as the bumper stickers would say.

Now we have a booming multicultural society, we have all kinds of people staring in movies and TV shows. Finally, minorities are getting some of the recognition that is so overdue and deserved.

Dear friends, the ones with the social anxiety and crippling depression, the ones who hide from a world that put them in a box and left them there.. there is a way to go, but our babies are going to be born in to a world so very different from the one we knew. There’s teenagers protesting a lack of action on climate change, there are children being encouraged to be their odd, honest, vulnerable selves.

We won’t have to be hard in this world. It’s already getting a little brighter. The future is going to be so much better.

However, guess who made it this far? We did.

Now it’s our turn to practice what we preach and be the kind, accepting, supportive people we have longed to be surrounded by.

Fuck your trauma. It made you funny and it made you you, now go out there and love harder than you’ve ever loved before-yourself included.

I am so proud of the change we have started. Now let’s do it for the babies.

Bring it on, 2019.


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