Sanctuary, 2017

I think it’s safe to say that 2016 ripped away something loved by everyone. Be it Bowie, Harambe, Alan Rickman, Prince, Mohammad Ali, Zsa Zsa, Trump defeating Hillary, the Orlando shooting, Sticky Fingers’ hiatus, Brexit, the end of Matt and Alex, Brangelina breaking up, the war over Aleppo, the Earthquake that broke Kaikoura, or most recently, … More Sanctuary, 2017

Heartbreak Hotel

Well darlings if there is one topic that I’m an expert in, it’s heartbreak. Not that I’ve had lots of breakups, but the one I did have was earth shattering and it took a long time and a lot of TLC to get through. Also there’s that falling in love with everyone thing I do. … More Heartbreak Hotel

Outcast At Last

It’s been an emotional week in my little band aid world. Having finally caught Sticky Fingers in the flesh a few weeks ago I was well and truly still riding the high when the news broke this week of their impending hiatus. The official statement goes as follows: Sticky Fingers December 5 at 1:13pm · … More Outcast At Last