My 100 Things

1. Speak fluent Italian
2. Do a Thai cooking class 
3. Complete a half marathon
4. Visit Yellowstone national park
5. Do an overnight hike with Nat
6. Go to a surf and yoga retreat
7. Publish a book
8. Attend a rally for something I’m passionate about
9. Attend a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto
10. Get to Everest Base Camp
11. Visit a host club in Tokyo
12. Sing on stage again
13. Learn to ballroom dance
14. Tattoo someone
15. Meet an A list celebrity
16. Watch sunrise over the Grand Canyon
17. Do a Northern Lights cruise
18. Become a decent surfer
19. Change someone’s life
20. Get inverted
21. Spend a week in silence
22. Camp on a beach
23. Introduce someone to a new passion
24. Hold a new born baby
25. Make pasta from scratch
26. Complete a piece of art
27. Dance in the streets of Cuba
28. Find a salsa club in Argentina
29. Hike the Inca trail
30. Raise money for charity
31. Teach someone something
32. Get another tattoo
33. Get married in Vegas
34. See the West Coast Eagles play
35. See a rocket launch
36. Kiss in the rain
37. Host a themed dinner party
38. Soul dance at a gig
39. Create my own signature cocktail
40. Get another piercing
41. See The Last Shadow Puppets live
42. Attend Comic-con in San Diego
43. Cosplay as Harley Quinn again
44. Meet Joe Gilgun
45. See a movie being filmed
46. Read the entire works of F Scott Fitzgerald
47. Be on the radio
48. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (not just level 2 this time)
49. Zip line
50. Record a song
51. Attend another NUFC game
52. Go vegan for a month
53. Decorate my own home
54. Have my own signature dish (not cob dip!)
55. Live overseas
56. Be a tour guide
57. Stay in a country to learn their language
58. Be able to confidently lift weights with the big boys
59. See a wild guerrilla
60. Join a sports team
61. See the Red Sox play
62. Visit all 50 states in the US
63. Touch a big spider
64. Visit a psychic
65. Find a Perth band I love
66. Meet my soulmate
67. Adopt an orangutang
68. Do a Caribbean cruise
69. Sail the Mediterranean
70. Have a big family
71. Own a vintage scooter/car
72. Live in Melbourne
73. Do Vodkatrain
74. Give something away for free
75. Party on a beach in Thailand 
76. Attend a sundowner dinner in Dubai
77. Visit every Aussie state
78. Have curry in India
79. Walk part of the Great Wall of China
80. Swim in Maya Bay 
81. Wear a proper Kimono
82. Visit the temple of Zeus
83. See a Broadway show
84. Have another white Christmas
85. Go to camping hippy festival
86. Take a burlesque course
87. Go in a hot air balloon
88. Learn the Thriller dance
89. Be a maid of honour
90. Enter an Egyptian tomb
91. Attend carnival in Rio
92. Longboard in Iceland
93. Meet a serial killer
94. Be someone’s date to an event
95. Ride a Harley
96. Stay in a beach shack in Hawaii
97. Fly business class
98. Watch turtles hatch and run to the ocean
99. Learn how to play something on piano
100. Have Papi give me away at my wedding

What are yours?

Harleigh Q



5 thoughts on “My 100 Things

  1. This is Beautiful Harleigh!

    I have been working on my list but somethings that cross over that are on both our lists:
    Make Pasta From Scratch
    Do a Thai Cooking Class
    Yoga Retreat
    Get a Tattoo
    Raise money for Charity- I want to shave my head for leukemia again.
    Host a Themed Dinner Party – I would take just going to one!
    Zip Line again
    Confidently lift weights with the boys, if you ever want a training buggy I wanna crack my squat and dead lift pb’s of 110 kgs
    Volunteer at Orangutan Sanctuary
    Visit Every Aussie State
    Do A Burlesque course
    You had Maya Bay in there as well I wanna Dive in Koh Tao these are close!

    Let me know if you wanna tick any together!


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