Baby, You Rock My World

My Gods have voices of velvet and sometimes play guitar. Oh soul music. I don’t know how I’d live without you.

There’s something so breathtaking about listening to someone croon and you can tell it’s coming from the depths of their heart; chills me to the bone.

To think two years ago I didn’t really listen to music. I certainly wasn’t very passionate about it. I was interested, but now I feel like it’s the air I breathe. I get edgy if I don’t have my headphone time every day. I need to be alone with my muses.


Gotye – Heart’s A Mess

When going through some really tough things I found music and talking were the only ways I could heal. I distinctly remember listening to Gotye’s Heart’s a Mess and feeling like my ribcage was caving in. There’s just so much emotion in that song and where I was at the time allowed me to really, truly feel it.


INXS – Baby Don’t Cry

Next came INXS and Baby Don’t Cry. I feel like that song gave me the strength I needed to push through. I’ve never been a wallower. I really don’t like the idea of putting on sad music or a romantic film and hurting myself further. I feel things way too deeply as it is. That would kill me! Gotye was my little moment and then I’d pull myself back out of it with Michael Hutchens’ husky tone.


The Clash – Rock the Casbah

More recently, within the last year, I’ve discovered the absolute gold that is music from the 60s,Β 70s and early 80s. I’ve always been a lover of the Police, Prince and Bowie but bands like the Cure, the Clash and Earth Wind and Fire have influenced my modern favourites so much. It’s so good to go back to where it all began. That music doesn’t age!


Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby

My other loves, the ones who hold my nostalgic heart, are the indie bands of the 2000s. I don’t know about everyone else but as I kiddy I was heavily influenced by my Mumma’s taste. I remember hearing Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand and thinking, I think I like this. I asked mum is she did to which I got a distinct ‘no’ and so I didn’t really pursue them. It was a only short period in time where I’d lost my incredibly strong will!

Now, at 24, I go back and listen to KC greatest hits on the regular and realise the little indie kid has always been in there. Ruby has to be one of the greatest songs of all time. I’m calling it. Though I must admit, we do share a family love for Stereophonics.


Stereophonics – Dakota

It would be a crime if I didn’t mention my birthright here too of course. I think my close friends all know my family and I are Mods. Those unfamiliar with the term need only google the likes of ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘Paul Weller’. We’re all about the smart shirts, shift dresses, monochrome, Jam shoes and of course, scooters. I myself love a good beehive. The music is otherworldly and a fantastic mix of soul, ska, r’n’b and new wave. No greater band show the pure genius of the movement like Modsquad; our wickedly talented WA based legends. Without a doubt my favourite nights out are spent grooving to these cats with Mumma and Papi.


The Jam – Going Underground


Madness – One Step Beyond

With a swell in my chest, I mention my current obsession. I love funk. I can’t wait to get my abs back and don some bell bottoms and dance like there’s no tomorrow in Melbourne with my two favourite bands, Vaudeville Smash and Sex on Toast. They have taken the greatest music decades, in my humble opinion, and brought it in to modern day in such a refreshing way. I honestly have their discographies on repeat. It’s timeless shit. I’m going to stop fan-girling now.


Vaudeville Smash – Richter Scale


Sex on Toast – Oh Loretta!

I haven’t even gotten in to my Rockabilly side. I’m a girl of wide variety that’s for sure! Cash and Elvis know they have my loving, victory rolls and pinup dresses to-boot. But I think it’s safe to say from this post, there’s no one particular era that I identify with. I feel incredibly lucky to live now, so that I can enjoy every era at once.


Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line

Of course, special mention goes to the love of my life, Alex Turner. He is my own personal mod father. I love him more than white bread. His genius is on par with the greats and I feel honoured to have grown up witnessing his own artistic growth. Arctic Monkeys and the Last Shadow Puppets are in my mind the greatest bands of all time. BIG CALL. The lyrics are beyond anything I could even begin to attempt. The eloquence with which Alex writes is unparalleled. His voice is silk, he’s a Yorkshire lad and honestly, he’s just lush.


The Last Shadow Puppets – Standing Next To Me


Arctic Monkeys – One For the Road

That about sums up my little journey through music lane. I’m so passionate about it and thank you to anyone who took the time to read. Maybe a few of you agree with me.

If you’re looking for some new tunes, please check out my picks. I don’t take love lightly.

Take care and Alex Turner bless.

Harleigh Q



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