Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

Howdy y’all

We did it! We survived! We decided against driving off a cliff because we just have too much to live for (like running up the Rocky steps) so here we are, and here’s some stories…

Day One – LA to Lake Havasu

Oh my God. We got a Stang.


This is Sherry (chosen as Jess’s doggie is named Cherry, which was our first choice).

She’s a purring Angel of machinery and I only feel like a slight traitor as I was converted to Holden a while back… But bugger it I drive a Ford at home anyway. She’s been with us through sing alongs, heated debates, deep discussions and heavy gossip. She’s part of the family and giving her back is going to be heart breaking… Alas! This was day one. The adventure begins.


I picked London Bridge Resort because of my own sentimental attachment to the actual one and only, and also because it looked cool af and had a great spot on the Californian border.


I cannot recommend this place enough. It had the coolest vibes, heated pools, a day spa, a candle shop (far more exciting than it sounds) and stunning views of the lake. I have no idea how we managed it but we got upgraded to a bridge view from our cheap little lead in. We still had to spoon but we are used to it by now. If you’re going to do Route 66, this stop is a must!


Day Two – Lake Havasu to Flagstaff


Talk about a contrast in scenery, we went from desert plains to forest and mountains in a few hours. The weather changed with it too and the jumpers came out. It certainly drops off at night here.


Along the way we visited Seligman which we had dropped by with Contiki the week before. It was photo op time! It’s a brilliant little town for the classic 66 feel and right off the highway. Chuck it on your list please.


Flagstaff itself is a gorgeous Uni town that felt like a movie set. It was completely idyllic and the view of the snowy mountains in the distance was just the cherry on the cake. Had to have a cheeky Starbucks surrounded by students and spend a small fortune in target to really feel at home.

Day Three – Flagstaff to Albuquerque

Second five hour journey in three days… We are Perth girls, we can handle this. Right?


We passed the border in to our first new state, New Mexico! We passed a whole load of casinos and reservations on the way in as we crossed the Navajo desert. Yay desert! I was starting to miss her. It was getting too green for my liking.

Alb herself wasn’t too much to shout about but we had limited time to check it out. It’s a big place so I’m sure we left many stones unturned, but it was Santa Fe that really drew me to NM.

Day Four – Albuquerque to Dallas


Because we are wild things we decided the most efficient course of action was to drive ten hours, via Santa Fe, all the way down to Dallas. We were tossing up between a night in Amarillo to break it up or doing two mega days and checking out Oklahoma City too. At this point we were so excited to not set an alarm in the morning that we figured a direct trip to D town was our best go.

I booked us a downtown hotel and got this lovely message upon confirmation:


Oh Texas.

My favourite stop on Route 66 was brief and breathtaking. An hour north of Albuquerque is the beautiful town of Santa Fe. It’s filled with markets and old buildings. The parking situation is a nightmare but how I wish we had stayed there!


At 12pm we hit the road again and didn’t actually get to Dallas until 2am… Efficiency is not our strong point. Those who followed us on Snapchat know it was an eventful journey.


The next day we did what we do best, wandered aimlessly and shopped. Jessie found her version of heaven. I think the entire day was her perfect day.


A strange homeless man decided to follow us ‘for six blocks’ in order to ask us if we were hippies. Interesting. I also did that thing I do where I injured myself for no particular reason and had to disinfect my entire body just in case. Ah downtown.

We topped off the day with a visit to Denim and Diamonds on steroids, Cowboy Red River. We made some lovely local friends and I finally learned to two step!


I was also gifted a tequila shot, which here in America means spirit glass full of tequila. I’m not complaining. We tried Whataburger on our way back to our hotel, and 5am drunk Leigh thought it was the best burger of all time. I think I’m going to have to try it again sober, as I did make the rather bold statement that it was better than In n Out.

The next day Jessie did her thing and checked out South Fork Ranch while I prepared myself (slept all day) for a visit to Gass Monkey Bar n Grill! Papi and I love this show so I was super excited to see it and maybe run in to a familiar face.


Sadly no sign of Richard but after dinner we did find what turned out to be my version of heaven, the coolest dive bar since Sonny’s.



Oh man. What can I say about Austin? It was wild.

We stayed in one of my favourite of places so far, the Firehouse Hostel which was downtown. It was a converted firehouse from the 1800s, hence the name, and apparently we are super likeable at 4pm because we got upgraded to the top level room. No neighbours, just us on our own floor living it large. It was glorious.


There were three beds in there and we still opted to share. I think because neither of us wanted to give up the proper bed, not because we like each other or anything.

So apparently in Austin, Sixth Street is a thing. It’s the equivalent or Northbridge/the Valley and we were right around the corner. Awesome!

There were more bars that you could poke a stick at with every kind of theme you could think of. We started at a country bar and moved to a dive. We’ve got the compromising thing down! Then we ended up at a place I can only describe as a poor man’s Coyote Ugly. Lots of bar dancing, lots of seedy people. Jess loved it of course. As soon as we end up somewhere that plays RnB I tend to tap out but I did my best to keep up with my loon of a best mate.

That night we made friends with a homeless man who told us a whole bunch of filthy jokes. We had some jock hit us up for naughty things (managed to restrain myself from knocking his block off) and the rest was a blur of free tequila!

My favourite spot in Austin had to be the gorgeous hidden bar at the bottom of our hostel. It was literally behind a book case. It felt like you were walking in to Bugsy Malone. I was in love!


So far we had done a lot of drinking and not a lot of sight seeing. This was about to change in…

San Antonio

We had a few people describe SA to us as ‘too busy, too touristy…’ Etc. so I suppose our expectations were a little low.

Those people were wrong!


It’s absolutely beautiful. The Riverwalk is one of my favourite spots so far on this trip. They have restaurants all along the banks and you can do a little cruise up and down and learn about the history too. The food was excellent and we shared our seats with some hungry ducklings.

There’s a few touristy things you can do like the house of wax and haunted ride if you feel like it, but it certainly wasn’t trashy like Hollywood Bldv.

We did a spot of shopping and just wandered. We stumbled upon the Alamo and did a bit of self educating.


Its a really beautiful place I highly recommend to anyone heading to Texas. It’s not a state I would say is unmissable… (Jess will kill me for that) but SA is worth the trip.


Oh my Houston. I absolutely fell in love. We stayed South East of the city, across the road from NASA. Best location by far. I have an awesome travel agent (my travel agent is me. I’m awesome).


It took a long time to get through the city traffic (a 3.5 hour drive took 6) so we didn’t really see much of Houston itself, but considering the Space Centre is one of my major bucket list items this really didn’t bother me.

It did not disappoint.


I had my mind blown on multiple occasions that day and part of me wishes I could live there just to get the annual membership.

I’m a big big nerd in case any of you fell for my cool girl act, so getting to watch the incredible presentations and walk through an actual spacecraft, touch a piece of moon rock and learn about the Mars mission had me on a total high. What a universe we live in!


I even got a spaceglobe. I’ll have to post a photo of my mass collection when I get home.

Thank you Houston for seeing us merrily out of Texas. Thank you Shez for still running beautifully.

Next chapter… New Orleans!

The next post is sure to be a fun one.

Thanks for reading my loves ❤️



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