Perth: A Completely Non-Biased Guide to the Best Place in the World

They say home is where the heart is, and in July 2005 that is exactly what Perth became to me. I was 14 and terrified. It’s an absolute world away from the green and fresh and hill filled landscape I was used to.


One of the first things I noticed: Perth is flat. Everywhere. Sometimes a road may be on a slight hill. Shocking, I know.


I was so overwhelmed. Suddenly I had red dirt and bush land and a coastline worthy of any award. I got lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, it took a long time to settle, but I met some beautiful souls to help me along the way. Check out the sexy uniforms.


Now one thing I must say, having not been born in Western Australia I have the unfair advantage of having lived somewhere else. England is beautiful, but there are things about the Australian way of life that are absolutely unbeatable. I’ve made a countdown of my top 5 favourite things about Perth. As previously stated, this is non-biased and completely subjective (yeah right) but for anyone who wonders about the most secluded city in the world, this is why I love her, and she will always be my home.

5.  The Outdoor Lifestyle


One thing I have honestly struggled with on the East Coast has been the lifestyle. Of course here we are city chicks. Just call me mini Carrie. We haven’t had a car, we uber regularly or occasionally hire. We walk EVERYWHERE. In spite of all of that though, I never feel like I’m outside. Weird right? It must have something to do with the high-rises blocking the direct sunlight. I love the city, but my favourite thing to do at home is go for long walks with Papi. We walk straight down to the beach through our beautiful little piece of the world, the glorious Secret Harbour, and trek a few kms on the sand. Ruma likes to loop around and if it’s warm my toes are hitting that water.


Even better; the 7am alarm, tea in a thermal cup, wettie on and board in the car. The air is pretty fresh and smells amazing. It’s not easy finding the motivation to crawl out of bed. It was actually around this time 2 years ago that I bought my baby board!


You really can’t beat that time spent gasping for breath on the sand with a towel wrapped around your head. The ocean is powerful and scary and yet the most peaceful place I’ve ever been.

4. Australia Day


Aussie flag facial tattoos: $2.00

Hot 100: Sharing excellent taste in music with fellow Australians? Priceless.

3. The Beaches


From top to bottom the coastline here is breathtaking.

From Cottesloe


To Shark Bay


To Denmark


To my home


We. Are. Spoilt. Not a jelly fish or croc in sight. Maybe a couple of sharks though… She’ll be right!

2. The Sunsets


And that’s all I have to say about that.

  1. Margaret River

If you’ve met me, ever, you’ve probably heard me talk of my love for my future home. It has absolutely everything I love and more.


We have caves!

imageWe have chocolate!


We have surf breaks!

Also featuring as more wine than you can poke a stick at. You’re welcome.

I’m going to wait until I’m a little bit more travelled before I descend south. I plan on having a quirky little house with at least 2 dogs (Rottweiler and Boxer) and I’ll do yoga and go for morning runs; grow my own herbs; probably live off green juice and misery. Just kidding. Its my goal though so I’ll make it happen when I’m ready.


If anyone ever wants to know more about WA, what to see, where to go, just ask! I know it’s far and I know it’s not cheap, but it’s worth every single penny. I sell it for a living and I know I’m only 6 months in, but my love and passion hasn’t wavered. I hope it never does.

Sometimes you need to leave to appreciate what you have. I did, and I do, and I always will.


Mumma and Papi, thank you for doing the greatest thing you could ever have done for us. You’ve given us the best life possible. I’ll spend the rest of my days adoring you for it. More than life 😘.

Love to my family all over the world

Harleigh Q


P.s. This blog also features the many incarnations of Leigh’s hair and a few more Google pictures than I usually like to use.


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